Getting Started

What are #V2 and arpReach?

#V2 and arpReach are contact management and marketing automation tools with a highly powerful follow-up autoresponder and email marketing system. It has been designed and developed by direct email marketers for direct email marketers to help build profitable long term relationships with prospective and actual clients.

At its most basic level, #V2|arpReach allows you to build and collect a list of contacts that you can contact regularly either by one-off broadcast emails or by using a sequence of one or more automated follow-ups.

Contacts can be added through forms on your website, by email, by importing from other systems, or by having them automatically added by integrating with other software (e.g., a shopping cart). But it is capable of much more sophisticated and automated marketing tasks.

arpReach is all you need for direct email marketing.

Typically, you might add a form to your website that asks your website visitor for their first name, last name, and email address. That person then becomes a contact and you can start to build up trust and a relationship with them by following up automatically and sending relevant targeted emails.

arpReach currently is available in two versions, Standard and Gold. Some advanced features such as the API functions are only available in the Gold version.

In this section, we outline some of the basic concepts so that you can start to use arpReach profitably.

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