Installation Overview

#V2 and arpReach can be installed by anyone. It does require a basic understanding of how to modify and upload files, as well as an understanding of how to make changes and adjustments to your web hosting using either a hosting control panel or command line interface.

This guide outlines the basic installation principles.

Professional installation services

For people who do not want to install #V2|arpReach themselves, we offer a range of professional services.

Professional installation, upgrade, and domain and/or web host migration services are available from our partner:

Installing #V2 or arpReach

We have produced this installation guide for people wanting to install #V2 or arpReach.

The process is simple to follow, so please go through the steps one by one.

Please also ensure that your server meets the minimum system requirements before installing the software.

Note about case sensitivity

Directory and file names on a Linux server are case sensitive. So, for example, the directory mail is different from MAIL. On a Windows server, they would both reference and be the same directory.