Content Overview

Your content section is the hub and gateway to your “asset” storage. Assets are valuable.

Every message you send should have a primary purpose, like getting your reader to take the action of visiting a webpage. But with a little know-how, you can begin to automate common marketing tasks, collecting, storing, and using relevant factual data about your customers’ choices to improve your relationship and the service you offer or provide them.

In this section, you’ll discover how to use arpReach to provide your contacts with highly relevant content that will help you build trust and improve conversion rates.

Don’t assume that everything in this section is obvious. The basics will get you up and running but the advanced features and capabilities will help you reach your goals and targets faster and open up new opportunities.

You can access all of the content functionality by hovering over Content on the menu bar:

Each of the options available is covered in greater detail. Use the navigation links in the Content Section menu on the left of this page.

Email Templates

Not all email templates are created equal and, once again, the flexibility of arpReach’s template functionality shines through.

With the ability to create multiple header sections, footer sections, and content sections, and then use them all interchangeably, you can create and build your own library that you can use for any purpose.

arpReach templates use a few tricks that will improve your email deliverability so we recommend you discover how to use your templates to their full potential.


Variables are snippets of information that you can include in your follow-up and broadcast messages. Information such as product prices can be included in messages and easily updated centrally without having to edit messages individually.


Ads are larger blocks of information in both plain text and HTML format that you can “pull” into your messages with simple tags. For example, you could use these to advertise products or affiliate programs. Central management means you can change the content without having to edit messages individually.

Trackable Links

Every email has a purpose and, generally, that will be getting your reader to click a link. In arpReach, the links can do more than send your reader to a page.

They also act as triggers to power simple or complex automations that take your marketing to the next level.

Because of the power and flexibility a link can have, arpReach does not automatically convert every link in your emails because it doesn’t know what you want it to trigger until you tell it.

You can just add a link to your emails as normal, but we recommend you find out how to use trackable links to their full potential.

By managing them centrally, you can change them without having to edit your messages individually. For example, you could choose to change an affiliate link that you promote and that change will automatically appear in all the messages that contain it.

Custom Fields

arpReach not only allows you to collect basic data about your prospects and customers in its standard fields, but it also allows you to create and utilise an unlimited number of custom fields.

If your business needs to collect unique data or information from your contacts, arpReach allows you to do it.

Find out more about collecting, storing, and using custom data HERE.