Understanding The Basics

Contact management

Every contact in #V2|arpReach is primarily identified by their email address and an email address can appear only once in the contact list.

However, every contact can belong to multiple autoresponders (follow-up sequences) and multiple categories (e.g., customers, prospects, hot-leads, etc.), as well as have multiple unique and customizable tags (e.g., sex, age, location, likes, products bought, etc.).

Using the #V2|arpReach segmentation tools, you can easily target your messages to selected sections of your contact list. Extensive reporting allows you to view in numbers and charts how responsive your contacts are and you can target further those responsive (or even the unresponsive) contacts.

Delivery tools

As ISPs continue to battle with the issue of “SPAM” (unsolicited email, a.k.a. UCE), #V2|arpReach has tools to help you get email through to your contacts and monitor delivery by allowing you to integrate with local and remote email “senders” and “monitors”, as well as internal tracking open rate and bounces.

As new email headers are developed to aid the fight against “SPAM”, #V2|arpReach can use them immediately.

It is important to maintain a “healthy” contact list and #V2|arpReach has tools to help with that including automatic unsubscribe, suppression (do not contact), and ban (do not allow to subscribe) lists.

Multiple personalities

#V2|arpReach Gold allows you to create multiple personalities (personas) that act as the “senders” of your messages. A persona is an entire profile for an individual with a name, address, company details, contact information, and so on.

The advantage of this is if you use #V2|arpReach to send information from multiple websites, companies, or from various staff members in a company, you can create a persona for each of them to avoid brand confusion or improve staff interaction with clients and customers.

We are constantly striving to add more useful functionality so let us know what you need.


If there are several people in your organization that need access to #V2|arpReach, you can add them to the users list and set permissions for what they can view, add, change, or delete within the system.

As an example, you might want to allow someone in Marketing to create a new follow-up message, but have someone else proofread it and approve it. Or you may wish someone in Customer Services to be able to view contacts, but not add or change them.

By setting up permission profiles, you can easily manage what individual people and entire groups can and cannot do within the system.

Content management

Templates and template groups, attachment library, variables, and centralized ad management are all available to help you manage your content in one place. Change it once and it changes everywhere.

Testing and reporting

Do you want to test one follow-up message against another to see which generates the most opens?

Or maybe compare sending emails from your own server against a third-party provider?

#V2|arpReach provides the split testing and reporting tools to set it up easily.


We constantly strive to add more and more useful functionality so please let us know if there is anything you need. You may contact us by raising a ticket at: