Your First Session

Throughout this user guide, we will assume that you have installed #V2|arpReach on a subdomain “arpreach” on your website “”.

This means that the pages you need to visit to access all the functionality will look like this:

In situations where the software is installed in a sub-directory of your domain (e.g., mail), then the pages you need to visit will look like this:

The screen at the end of the installation process tells you which page to visit to sign in or your installer can give you the information.

Sign in and let’s get started!

We recommend you bookmark the correct URL for your installation, as visiting it will always take you to the sign in page for your #V2|arpReach to get started. Note that some browsers will require you to put https:// at the start, but most modern browsers don’t require this.

Throughout this user guide, we will use the following format for all our examples:

Signing in

Visit the sign in page and enter the default username and password. These are set to “admin” and “12345” for a new installation of #V2|arpReach and should be changed as soon as possible.

arpReach can send you a new password if you forget it but make sure it knows your email address.

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your username and/or password and #V2|arpReach knows your email address, a new password can be generated and sent to you along with your username.

Click Forgot user name or password on the sign in screen to access this feature.

Click Return to signin screen to exit this screen and return to the sign in screen.

Screen layout

When you have signed in, you will be taken inside #V2|arpReach where you should immediately change your password.

In the next section, we will show you how to do that while explaining how to find your way around #V2|arpReach.