Variable, Ad, and Trackable Link Tags

An optional default value will be inserted if the information doest not exist or is blank.

Important Note: The “[” and “]” (square brackets) in the subscription tags define the default value element but should not be included in your email.

Variable Tags

Inserts the contents of a variable using the variable’s tag.

{VARIABLE_<tag> [default value]}
  • Example #1 – {VARIABLE_Price}
  • Example #2 – {VARIABLE_Price Call For Details}

Ad Tags

Inserts the plain text or HTML version of an ad using the ad’s tag.

{AD_<tag> [default value]} 
{AD_TEXT_<tag> [default value]} 
{AD_HTML_<tag> [default value]}
  • Example #1 – {AD_Membership_S}
  • Example #2 – {AD_Membership_S Invites Only}

Note that {AD_<tag>} and {AD_TEXT_<tag>} are equivalent.

Trackable Link Tags

Inserts the URL of a trackable link using the trackable link’s tag.

  • Example #1 – {LINK_BBR01}
  • Example #2 – {LINK_ON02I03}