The Broadcast Queue

All sent and unsent broadcasts are held in the broadcast queue which is a central place where you manage all your broadcasts.

The above image shows the broadcast queue with three (3) broadcasts, one of which is not yet approved for sending.

From the menu bar, choose Broadcasts / Show Queue to view the broadcast queue.

The columns of data in the broadcast queue are:

  • Subject – the subject line of the broadcast.
  • Created – the date and time the broadcast was created.
  • When to send – the day, date, or time the broadcast will be sent.
  • Status – the status of the broadcast. Hover your mouse over the status icon for more information.
  • Spam score – the individual spam scores of the plain text (T) and HTML (H) messages.
  • Variants – the number of variants of the main message. Click the number to view those variants or add more.
  • Target – an estimated number of contacts the broadcast will be sent to calculated at the time the broadcast was created and prior to sending.
  • Sent – the number of contacts who have been sent the broadcast. Click this number to view those contacts.
  • Opened – the number of contacts who have opened the broadcast (HTML and multi-part only). Click this number to view those contacts.
  • Bounced – the number of contacts who bounced the broadcast. Click the number to view those contacts.

Note that the Target count doesn’t exclude contacts that are not sent the broadcast at the moment of sending for reasons such as:

  • They have unsubscribed
  • Their subscription has failed (multiple soft bounces or one hard bounce)

There is a setting in a broadcast that omits contacts whose subscriptions are all cancelled and whose subscriptions have all failed. Broadcasts will not be sent to these contacts.

Using the Order by drop-down menu, the queue can be sorted by:

  • Date/time added
  • Subject
  • Status
  • Approved
  • Send count
  • Open count
  • Bounce count

Using the With selected… menu, you can approve/disapprove or delete the selected broadcasts.

The Filter drop-down menu allows you to filter your list by these criteria:

  • [No filter]
  • Status
  • Persona
  • Email system
  • In archive

Using the I want to… menu, you can:

  • Refresh the Broadcast Queue page
  • Create and scheduled a broadcast
  • Delete all broadcasts

“The options in the actions column of the broadcast queue change depending on the status of the broadcast”

The Choose action… menu has the following options:

  • Preview – view a preview of the broadcast in a new window. Your browser needs to allow popups for this.
  • Test – send a test broadcast to yourself to check content and formatting before final scheduling.
  • Show log – show the log of how this broadcast was sent out by the scheduled task.
  • Reports – show graphical reports on the success of this broadcast.
  • Variants – view the variant list for this broadcast. This shows the list of variants of the main message that are used in split-testing.
  • Edit – edit the broadcast settings, content, or layout.
  • Copy – make a copy of the broadcast to be scheduled for sending in its own right.
  • Copy then edit – make a copy of the broadcast to be scheduled for sending in its own right. Immediately go into the edit screen for the copy.
  • Delete – delete the broadcast from the queue.

Different options may appear at other times, such as when a broadcast is being sent.

  • Pause / Unpause – pause the broadcast. It will stop sending and remain in that state until unpaused when it will then resume when the scheduled task next runs.
  • Cancel – completely cancel a running broadcast. It cannot be resumed later.
  • Approve to Send – approve the broadcast for sending.