Activate Your License

#V2|arpReach needs to be activated before you can use it fully. Please read this page completely to understand the process and information needed.

You need:

  • Your license number and password – from your order confirmation email.
  • Your installation domain name – copied exactly from the license activation page.
  • An activation code – generated from the #V2 Hub or the arpReach Hub.

The first time you try to use #V2|arpReach you are required to activate your license. You will see this page:

Important Note: Take note of the Domain name indicated on the right-hand side of the screen. You must use the exact domain name displayed when registering it in the #V2 Hub or the arpReach Hub or your activation will fail. For example, if it shows:

… register it as:

If it only shows:

… then you need to register it as:

Once you have confirmed the domain name to activate, go to the #V2 Hub or the arpReach Hub and log in using the license number and password provided in your order confirmation email.

Once logged in, update your account with your name and email address.

Scroll down to the Register a domain or sub-domain box, input the domain name from your installation, and click the Add button.

You should now see a success message and the registered domain name appear in the Registered domains and sub-domains box.

Next, hover over the drop-down in the Choose domain or sub-domain to activate box and choose the domain you want to activate.

Copy the activation code that appears and save it to a text file. Note that the code will only be usable for 30 minutes.

Now you have all of the details needed to activate your software, go back to the license activation page and:

  1. Paste in your license number.
  2. Paste in your license password.
  3. Paste in your activation code.
  4. Read the terms and conditions and check the box.
  5. Click the Activate Now button at the top of the screen.

Congratulations! You now have an activated #V2|arpReach system. This process needs to be done only once, normally immediately after the software has been installed.