Backup and Restore

You can back up your arpReach system’s SQL data using this facility and also restore it when necessary.

Note that due to PHP memory constraints and other PHP limitations, it may not be possible to use these facilities. In those circumstances, your web host can give you alternative ways to back up and restore your SQL data. Alternatives may be phpMyAdmin or via the command line. Your web host can advise.

Backing Up Data

Use this procedure to make a complete backup of your entire arpReach data set.

“Consider making a new backup before restoring an old one to ensure you can get back to your current state”

Using the menu bar, go to Setup / Backup & Restore / Create Backup:

Select your desired Format of backup file (Raw SQL or Zipped SQL):

Click the Create Backup button.

Then click on the link on the next screen to download the backup file:

Restoring Data

You can restore previously backed-up data using this facility.

WARNING – this deletes all current data before restoring!

Using the menu bar, go to Setup / Backup & Restore / Restore Backup:

Choose the file to restore and click the Upload Backup File button:

On the next screen, check the Check to confirm box to confirm you understand that all data will be overwritten by the restore process:

Then, click the Confirm button.