Customize user-facing pages

How do I customize the user-facing pages to reflect my brand?

User-facing pages are the external system pages that your contacts see whenever they attempt to subscribe via a web form (if you do not have any custom pages set for it) or whenever they click on any of the system links (e.g., unsubscribe link, manage subscriptions link, etc.) you’ve included in your messages.

In order to provide a consistent brand experience to your contacts, you may choose to customize these pages.

This is how to do it:

To customize all user-facing pages, go to your arpReach installation directory and edit the file:


The CSS files for the existing themes are in the directory:


You can choose to edit any of those CSS files, but we suggest you stick with just using the styles.css in the custom folder, just so that the defaults will still be readily available should you choose to revert to them in the future.

Customize ‘Manage Subscriptions’ and ‘Edit Contact Information’ pages

To further customize the Manage Subscriptions and Edit Contact Information pages, edit the files:


Change the language of the user-facing pages

You will also find the language strings for the user-facing pages in the file:


Remove “Powered by arpReach” footer

If you wish to remove the “Powered by arpReach” footer on all user-facing pages, edit the file:


Important note: You will be able to edit how the pages actually look like, but not the contact fields/information available. Also, customizing any script is at your own risk! We do not support issues that resulted to customized scripts, so we strongly suggest you create a backup file prior to making any changes, just so you have one available in case something goes wrong.