Manage multiple websites in one arpReach system

How do I manage campaigns for multiple businesses and websites in one arpReach installation?

Being able to manage campaigns for multiple businesses and websites in one arpReach installation would not only save you money, it may also save you more than enough time to focus on other aspects of your businesses.

Here is a sample scenario:

You run two animal clubs and want to use just one arpReach installation to manage the campaigns for both.

This is how to do it:

1. Pick a domain to use

If branding is important to you, you need to install arpReach on a domain that is generic enough to cover both animal clubs.

When your contacts hover/click on any of the system links you’ve added to your messages (e.g., unsubscribe link, manage subscriptions link, etc.) and if you choose to send messages in text only format, your contacts will see the domain where the message came from (i.e., where arpReach is installed).

For example, if you install arpReach on:

… and also use it to manage campaigns for:

… both group of contacts will see that the messages are actually hosted on

In this case, you can use a generic sounding domain like:

Important note: If you prefer your contacts to see the system link URLs to be on the same domain where they signed up, or whatever domain is applicable to them, then you need to have a separate arpReach installation for each of them.

2. Create and set up an organization outline for each group

All you really need to do once you have arpReach installed is to figure out the structure or organization outline for both groups/clubs and set them up in a way that would be easily identifiable to whoever will be accessing the system.

For example:

3. Start using arpReach

You may now start adding your autoresponder messages and contacts for each club.