Move arpReach to HTTPS

How do I move my existing non-secure arpReach installation so it’s on HTTPS?

There are many reason why you might want to ensure that your website has an SSL:

It protects your website from breaches and other threats
Increases your credibility and email reputation
Develops trust between you and your customers knowing that their privacy is also important to you

… and so on.

Since having a secured website has already become a standard, you may be wondering how you can have your arpReach system on SSL.

Here’s a typical scenario:

You just added an SSL certificate on your website and noticed that your arpReach system is still unsecured and the links on your messages are still non-HTTPS links.

This is how to do it:

1. Make sure the domain/sub-domain arpReach is installed on uses SSL (https) for all its pages

2. Go to your arpReach installation directory

For example, if you access arpReach on:

… the installation directory would be:


3. Open the CONFIG.PHP file and edit the application URL to indicate the correct URL value (http > https)

That’s it! After you save it, your arpReach installation and the system links on all your messages should already be on HTTPS.