Track the source of clicks

How do I track which messages the clicks came from?

Tracking the  source of your clicks helps you determine which of your campaigns are actually working. It allows you to improve on the campaigns that are failing and double down on the areas that are generating you more audiences.

Here is a typical scenario:

You are launching a new blog and want to be able to see which campaigns generate more visitors.

This is how to do it:

Basically, just create separate trackable links (for the same link) for each source. (See How to create trackable links)

For example:

Trackable Link 1
— Name: Blog on Broadcast010
— Tag: blogbroadcast010
— Description: Blog link on Broadcast 010, subject: Hello!, sent 20210101
— Web page to redirect to:

Trackable Link 2
— Name: Blog on Active Members Message 001
— Tag: blogActiveMembersM001
— Description: Blog link on Active Members Message 001
— Web page to redirect to: