Custom Actions
Put your own PHP functions and call them from within action definitions in Contacts / Actions

FBL (Feedback Loops)
Automatically remove contacts who complain to their ISPs/third-party email service providers and no longer want to receive your emails from your autoresponders and also optionally add them to your ‘Do Not Contact’ list

Automatically capture the country, state, and city of contacts who fill in forms or communicate with #V2 using Geolocate IP Address information

Custom Dynamic Tags
Add custom functions for Dynamic Tags

Nested Variables
Use a nested variable where two or more variables are joined together to provide a more focused level of content based on your contacts needs or wants

RSS to Email
Connect to and read an RSS Feed into variables, which you can then use to insert to your follow-up and broadcast messages

Enhanced API Security
Improved API security by adding Secret string and Check for signature capabilities

Advanced Broadcast Omission Settings
Send precisely targeted broadcast messages based on your contact’s engagement with emails you have previously sent

  • [ Actions – Event ] New events: Subscription created, Subscription cancelled, ‘Cancel All subscriptions’ requested, ‘Do not mail’ requested, Soft bounce received, Hard bounce received, and Spam complaint received
  • [ API ] Custom fields support: Include custom fields when getting contact information
  • [ API ] Custom fields support: Save and update custom fields with an API request
  • [ API ] Permission profile setting to restrict specific functions for each key
  • [ Autoresponders ] Include a message code to the info appended to custom URLs when unsubscribing via the unsubscribe link
  • [ Autoresponder – Forms ] Option to pass contact data on unsubscribe success and failure pages
  • [ Autoresponder – Forms ] Option to use multi-autoresponders confirmation
  • [ Autoresponder – Notifications ] Option to add Reply-To header with subscriber’s email address to subscribe notification emails
  • [ Autoresponders – Notifications ] Send unsubscribe notification when unsubscribing using the Cancel all subscriptions on the Manage Subscriptions page
  • [ Autoresponder – Notifications ] Use of custom fields in the notification email subject line and recipients list
  • [ Autoresponder – Notifications ] Use of Persona email address tags (e.g., {PERSONA_EMAIL_ADDRESS_1}) in the notification email recipients list
  • [ Autoresponders – Opt-in ] Default confirmation type set to Use system confirmation email instead of [None]
  • [ Ban Lists ] Import and export list capabilities
  • [ Contacts ] Allow contacts to update their email address
  • [ Contacts – Edit Matching Contact ] New Segmentation section: Add/remove contact categories and contact tags
  • [ Contacts – Edit Matching Contact ] New Contact details options: Company, Department, Town or city, State or province, Postal or ZIP code, Country, Country Code, and custom fields
  • [ Contacts – Filter ] New predefined filter options: Follow-up UnOpened, Broadcast UnOpened, Not Clicked link, Unsubscribed (today-last year), Single email UnOpened, In Suppression list, and In Ban list
  • [ Contacts – Importing ] Option to allow duplicate subscriptions
  • [ Content – Creation ] Content created or added to the HTML section is automatically added into the Text section to save time and ensure that multi-part messages have the same content.
  • [ Content – Ads ] {AD} tag content can be used in headers and footers
  • [ Content – Ads ] Display both the TEXT and HTML tag options on the Ads list screen
  • [ Content – Single Emails ] Header and footer template options
  • [ Dynamic Tags ] Dynamic contact tags show sample content in message previews (e.g., {FIRST_NAME} will show John Doe)
  • [ Dynamic Tags ] Nested dynamic tags capability
  • [ Dynamic Tags ] New IP2Location tags: {COUNTRY_CODE} and {IP_ADDRESS}
  • [ Dynamic Tags ] Use of special characters (period, comma, etc.) in dynamic tag default values
  • [ General ] Added “email_wordwrap” variable into config.php to setup TEXT message body WordWrap
  • [ General ] Automatically convert HTML message content to TEXT if the TEXT message content box is empty (and vice versa)
  • [ General ] List screens (Contacts list, Autoresponders list, etc.) is now cookie-based
  • [ General ] List screens (Contacts list, Autoresponders list, etc.) default Order by setting set to Date/time added / Descending instead of [None]
  • [ General ] Setting that automatically enables option to insert affiliate link for all messages turned off
  • [ iP2Location ] Enable IP2Location processing for existing Contacts
  • [Permission Profiles ] Option for contact tags permissions
  • [ Reporting ] Clear errors/failures in send logs
  • [ Reporting ] Clear logs for trackable link, single emails, and autoresponders messages
  • [ Reporting ] Improved unsubscribe reporting by adding Unsubscribe count for each follow-up and broadcast message
  • [ Reporting ] Include autoresponder name in Send Log screen
  • [ Segmentation ] New criteria match types: Single email, subscribe URL, suppression list, ban list
  • [ Statistical Split Test Significance Reporting ] Improved reporting for A/B split tests
  • [ Suppression Lists ] Added import list capability
  • [ System Settings ] Easier to set a system timezone by using a drop-down menu
  • [ System Settings ] Set default system Change Email address notification emails
  • [ Variables ] HTML content support

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